The story behind Maids Radar

Brief story:
Five years ago, I was cleaning homes on a bicycle with my wife (yes actually carrying a vacuum and mops). We didn’t have a car back then. We used the bus, hitchhiked, did anything to get to clients homes, very difficult times.  Very humbling times. (below is me trying to get home after cleaning someone’s home)

Fast forward 2012; my tiny cleaning business has grown to become the fastest growing Maid service in Dallas, TX (Thank God!). By this point I’m literally letting clients go by the handful. I don’t have more crews available to send to clean their homes. I can’t hire great cleaners fast enough, since great cleaners don’t come around too often. As of today clients keep call me everyday looking for service on the same day and I had to decline them. I got tired of these situation, I decided to do something about it.

I started drawing some mockups at nights for few months, reread some foundational books such as (Brand Gap, Customer Development, Lean Startup that have helped me shape the MVP product. Conceptualized the company name, logo, icon and the vision.  Here’s some of early the concepts.

After many nights, a simple and powerful solution was born. I called it MaidsRadar, a simple iphone app for consumers to find out which maid services are available for same day service. We bootstrapped again, hustled and invested those hard earned dollars to build it.

six months later I’m proudly presenting MaidsRadar, the very first iPhone app that allows users to find a local maid & cleaning service available for same-day service—a difficult task, since homeowners currently have to call each company to find out who’s available.

How it works:

Clients downloads and launches the app, then they are presented with a map that pulls real-time availability of maids and cleaning services in their local area, that can provide service on the same business day. This avoids the calls and frustration, that is caused to both parties.

The app also does something more interesting. MaidsRadar enables local cleaning companies to step up in the technology game, by using MaidsRadar they can be booked via on-demand, empowering to steep up at the level of newest on-demand service providers like Exec and GetMaid. Maids Radar is easy and free to use, no technical skills required.

Maid Business owners, signup and within 5 minutes they will be live on the app, ready to get booked by clients. Below is the Availability dashboard mockups, and how they end-up looking.

Products Highlights

  • Free, easy and affordable web app for maids owners to update availability on the cloud.
  • From sign-up to live on the app – under 5 min.
  • No technical skills required.
  • Access to many maids availability instantly.
  • New leads and paying customers to businesses
  • Extra revenue and better use of staff and resources

Going live on beta on 4/1/13. Launching on Dallas, TX as first market. Consumers sign up on our notification list to receive prior access to iOS app. Just 10 maid services per mayor metro area will be given access to sign up to our beta.

Maids Services now can try our beta.

Beta Cleaning Companies the time has come:

It’s time to play with the Maids Radar beta, to get started you need to activate your invite by following these steps:.
1, Go to
2. Sign up  for free and complete your company profile
 Add all your company data, such as logo, bio, services etc. (this is a must otherwise your company will not 
be displayed in the mobile app, so no clients will be able to see you)
3. Email all your clients this link: (this will take them to open itunes app store on their computer or iPhone)


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