Your House Cleaned Today.

Find Maids & Cleaning Services in real time using our live radar.


We have launched “Serviceful” products (Maid and cleaning on the move) in Singapore, partnering SearchMaid Singapore. The App program will be enhanced with SearchMaid’s technology of “OCR Smart Ai” technology into “Serviceful” for local market.

For business opportunities and collaboration,
Please kindly visit our partner’s website at SearchMaid

“Serviceful” is a successful product feature in:


We’ve heard it all!!

 “I need my place cleaned today”

“My in-laws are coming into town”

“Last minute travel, I want my place spotless before I leave”

“I’m moving out, need it done today”

“Nobody it’s picking up the phone, arrr!”

Yes, we’ve built a solution!!

Maids Radar is an iPhone app that makes it

easy to find which House Cleaning Companies are available

to clean your house today, without the call or search.

We’re listening. 

Live Radar

Find Maids & Cleaning Services available today in real-time on your zip code.

Same Time

Hang the phone. Stop calling each business to find out their availability. Use our live radar.


Get It Done

Really, get it done today or tomorrow. Download the app, see who’s available.

Best Of All, It's Free

Yes, it’s a free service to you. Companies with open spots want to ervice clients.

Cleaning Service Business Owners. It’s your time!

Created for and by Maid Business Owners

Maids Radar

Get found by customers looking for cleaning services in your area of service.


New clients will call you directly or email you. Pick up the phone. They need cleaning today

Forget Slow Days

Not everyday is as busy as we want. Send push notifications to clients with a Pro account.

Update Daily

Update your service availability on a daily basis, and bring new clients looking for service today..

Live Radar Dashboard

  • Update your availability right on the browser.
  • Moving toggle buttons to green will display to clients as available at that specific time.
  • Easy to use, Free and Pro accounts available.

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